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The 2eHub is a place where knowledgeable and experienced voices come together to forge a path for a new inclusive generation. They have come together to teach a new acceptance for a unique generation. This community collectively and individually know that there is no way to do this without a struggle because no-one knows the answer.

We encourage experts young and old, tall and small to join us in this movement.

Founders Anne Jackson and Catherine Kirby have a combined 50+ years of experience in providing support and education for twice-exceptional (2e) young people. They know that being 2e is a journey and fully appreciate the importance of finding support through the bringing together of people.

Anne Jackson

Anne Jackson

Anne has dedicated her life to teaching and supporting gifted and twice-exceptional young people. 

Anne has a Master in Education (Gifted) Master Education (Special Education) and is enrolled in a Doctorate of Cognitive Neurodiversity (Ed.D). Anne also has qualifications in counselling and supervision of counsellors and other professinals working with 2e individuals.

Throughout her career, Anne has taught in schools, run social-emotional programs, and delivered programs for gifted students in Victoria through her companies Different Ways and Mindful. 

In 2012 Anne consolidated her experience through co-founding Kids Like Us, which provided a dedicated learning and counselling service to twice-exceptional young people. 

Anne has been invited to present papers at conferences and deliver professional development across Australia on the education and support of twice-exceptional children, including the delivery of a three-year training program to the Northern Territory Department of Education.

On returning from presenting at the inaugural Twice-Exceptional Symposium hosted by Bridges Academy, USA, Anne became the founder of Tombolo Academy.

Anne enjoys the opportunity to combine study and international travel including Mumbai, USA, UK. Anne enjoys spending time with her grandchildren both in Australia and Austria. 

Catherine Kirby

Catherine Kirby

Catherine is a passionate and informed 2e advocate, spanning four countries and a combination of private, international and state school environments. 

Catherine is the co-founder and CEO of Kids Like Us, a Not-for-Profit organisation that has supported 1000 twice-exceptional children and their families since 2012. Catherine was also co-founder of Tombolo Academy.

As a social entrepreneur, business consultant and CEO in the health and Not for Profit fields, Catherine has a well-established reputation for creating for-purpose entities in Australia and globally. Catherine has also worked in Governance roles as a Non-executive Director for the NHS, Oxford, UK and is a founder of KERAB International, Bahamas.

Catherine has qualifications in Narrative Therapy, Teaching students with dyslexia and learning differences, and is an accredited Action Learning Coach. She is also a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs, with a background in business and project management.

Catherine is twice-exceptional herself and a parent of three 2e children. She knows first-hand that being 2e ‘ain’t pretty or easy’ and has now found her passion helping others like her.

In her spare time, Catherine enjoys the theatre and can be found supporting the wardrobe and costume team at the Australian Opera and other productions at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, or supporting the community.




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