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2e Hub services


  • Counselling and advocacy for 2e students to find their pathway through the school system

  • Supervision for teachers, counsellors and other professionals who work supporting 2e students.

  • Consultancy for educators, tailored their individual twice-exceptional student’s needs

  • A growing library of research and resources to support a quest for understanding about 2e.

  • An online store for learning tools, phonic books, games & puzzles, and more.


How we can help 2e people

We know 2e students are unique and it takes a collaborative team approach between family, school and professional services to achieve successful outcomes.

The service is developing into a hybrid model, providing face-to-face counselling but also online support via zoom. We offer:

  • counselling of 2e people,
  • a strength-based view of 2e and the journey,
  • parenting assistance and coaching,
  • supervision to others working with 2e young people,
  • support for unpacking adult journeys as they realise their own 2e-ness,
  • academic understanding and advice,
  • referral to other professionals,
  • reports.


Using a collaborative conversation the teacher or other professional can develop strategies, check in on their own well being, debrief from issues experienced at school. The models of Narrative Therapy and ACT guide the conversation allowing the teacher or other professional to come to terms with the emotions and stresses of managing 2e students and their parents.

Sessions are available on zoom or in person.

How we help school staff

Using a Participatory Action Research approach, we will work with the teaching and well-being team in your school to enable positive change in the learning environment for a 2e student.

  • Prior to meeting in person, you will provide us with access to information regarding the 2e student through a secure portal, this enables us to focus in on the student. Typically, the information gathered will be from multiple sources to enable us to obtain multiple perspectives.
  • We will then clarify which approaches should be adopted with the student through data analysis.
  • We will then meet with your teaching and well-being team for 1 hour to seek the perspectives and experiences of the teachers working with the student.
  • All of the data will then be analysed using a 2e strength based methodology
  • A second meeting of your key teaching team will then be scheduled to report on our findings, analysis and to work with your team to create a school based action plan to support the 2e student.




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