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Published: September 15 2022

Written by: Anne Jackson

Applying to University through VTAC

VTAC is the organisation that coordinates the applications for Victorian university or TAFE entry. There are specific dates that your students must comply with and there is a cost to do so. It is almost impossible to be accepted into university by any other method. It is important that your student and yourself read the site well as there are a lot of considerations and variations in the process.


Overview of tertiary courses available in Victoria

This is a very clever tool which provides an over-view of all courses available in Victoria at university or TAFE. The links within the generated list enables you to find information about specific places and courses. It details private course providers as well.

The page includes a link to prerequisite and course explorer and to a page on interstate and IB subjects meeting Victorian prerequisites.

Tertiary education courses

Guide to university open days

This is the site for the 2022 University Open Days. I will replace this link as the 2023 days start to be advertised.

It is important to check out several universities as a young student. The first time is to collect the free goodies and any information you like the look of. The second visit is to begin to focus in on the faculty and universities you are interested in. Talk to lectures if you feel confident and listen to current students. The third visit is to make a bee-line the to attend the talk on the courses and universities you are very interested in. Look at times on specific websites to coordinate your visits. Ask specific questions and find out what the code for the degree or course is so this can be written on the application form for VTAC. Enjoy the process and be brave.

Open Days

Special entry access scheme (SEAS)

SEAS Special Entry Access Scheme. This is a notification to the university you have applied to that there has been “difficult circumstances” during the student’s school career. It can include short- or long-term impact and requires supporting document for the claim to be valid. The greater the difficulty potentially the greater the adjustment to the ATAR outcome. It is worthwhile for all twice-exceptional students to put in an application for consideration. Applications can be for multiple categories.


There are some short youtube clips that are worth watching:





This is Deakin University's explanation of the Special entry access scheme for 2023. Be aware other universities will also offer this in other years we just like the way that Deakin University has explained the process here.

Deakin University guide to SEAS

They also have an access scheme for performers and athletes. Look for similar in other universities.

Deakin University elite athlete and performers scheme

Early Entry Programs

We're not recommending the school but the document that they have put together. It succinctly explains the process and reasoning behind the early entry scheme. Twice-exceptionality can be a reason that you would be offered a place at university early.

Guide to early entry programs

Latrobe University ASPIRE program

This is another early entry system, Latrobe university explains early entry and the potential benefits of gaining your Duke of Edinburgh Award or being a St. Johns cadet.

Most universities have schemes like this so use this knowledge to explore other options.

Latrobe University ASPIRE Program




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